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Successful property sales in 6 steps!

Learn the entire process from valuation to handover.

1. Hiring a RE/MAX consultant

The best decision you can make as a seller to make the process as quick and easy as possible is to hire a professional to sell your property. Our sales agents use innovative technology and a tailored marketing strategy to manage the entire process efficiently and effectively.

2. Preparing your property for sale

It is important to make sure that your property is in good condition and competitive on the market. If necessary, we can suggest partial renovations and minor improvements to increase the value of your property. Minor aesthetic improvements, such as upgrading light fittings or painting a property to make it cleaner, will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Our consultants will help you with this too, increasing the value of your property!

3. Determine the current market price

Determining the current market price is the most important part of the sale. Although you can guess the value of your property, our consultants will determine the exact, real price after an accurate market survey in a free valuation. You can rest assured that, like you, our consultants will work to get you the best possible market price, taking into account current market conditions and trends, the property's actual condition and similar properties for sale in the area.

4. The sales process: marketing, advertising management

The marketing campaign is the key to selling a property. Our consultants will prepare all the professional marketing documentation required for advertising. They will organise the photography, filming - even with a drone - or panoramic shots for a 3D virtual tour, and the associated graphic post-production. They will then place paid advertisements on various portals and social media platforms and distribute them to as many potential interested parties as possible through their network of contacts. They send you regular status reports on the sales process.

5. And the purchase offer arrives

Once your property has been put on the market, interest is generated. Your adviser will keep in touch with interested parties and show them the property. Potential buyers will then submit a purchase offer to you. The offer may differ from the advertised price and you can accept or reject it accordingly. If you accept the offer, a formal contract will be concluded.

6. Signing the contract

Our adviser will assist you from the negotiation and conclusion of the contract to the handover of the property, to ensure that all documents are in place and that all obligations and conditions are fully met. If necessary, you can also have our consultant take care of the transfer of possession and the transfer of utilities.
In this way, the sale and transfer of ownership is carried out in a safe and secure manner. Celebrate a successful deal!

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