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5 important steps to successfully buy your new property

From planning your budget to handing over the keys, learn about the whole buying process!

1. What is your goal with buying the property?

Before you start looking for the right property, it is important to determine your reason for buying. Are you tired of your current sublet? Are you looking for an investment property? Are you looking to build? You can only really make a good decision if you have clearly defined goals. Considering what parameters are important to you, it is worth narrowing down your search. In which location do you want to buy? How many bedrooms do you need? By knowing your preferences, you can then eliminate unsuitable offers and target your search for the optimal property.

2. Hire a RE/MAX consultant!

Buying your own property is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Whether you're buying your first home, moving into your second, or just seeing a property on the street - you need a trusted professional to help you make the right decision! Our sales agents use innovative technologies to efficiently and effectively manage the entire buying process and help you make the best decision.

3. Assess your financial situation

Save time and energy by accurately assessing your financial options when buying a property. It's also worth consulting a credit advisor to assess your financial constraints and get help with financing. Ask our advisors for a recommendation and they can help you find the right professional.

4. Make an offer!

Our advisors will find the best property for you based on the criteria you specify and help you choose the ideal one. Once you find the property of your dreams, our consultant will assist you in making an offer and will negotiate the price with the utmost professionalism in your best interests.
Once your offer has been accepted, the sales contract will be negotiated. Our adviser will of course be at your side throughout, providing the legal backing for the conclusion of the contract if required.

5. Signing the sales and purchase agreement, key handover

Once the contract has been signed, the loan is taken out and the payment obligation becomes due. Once you have fulfilled all the obligations set out in the contract, you can take possession of the property. Our adviser will also help you with the possession procedure.

Contact us today and our consultant will be with you within 24 hours!

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